A Little Mixed Up



One part blues, one part soul, a dash of country and and a big ol dose of old skool R’n’B.

Debutplata til Billy T Band, senere vinnere av Spellemannsprisen 2010 og 2012 for sitt andre og tredje album, begge ganger i Blues-klassen.


William “Billy” Troiani: Vocals, Fender & Double Bass
Håkon Høye: Vocals, Guitars & Percussion
Ian Fredrick Johannessen: Guitars
Robert Alexander Pettersen: Drums & Percussion



  1. Boogie Woogie Country Girl
  2. Love Sickness
  3. A Little Mixed Up
  4. Can’t Be Good
  5. Groovin’
  6. Don’t You Mess With My Money
  7. Don’t Do It
  8. Ordinary Girl
  9. Buzz Buzz Buzz
  10. Lipstick, Powder & Paint
  11. Lovers Rock
  12. Oscar’s Bounce

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